At least he still has his dogs: Dayton receives no gay wedding invites

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It is indeed lonely at the top, and especially in the governor's mansion it seems.

The Associated Press reports that Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has received zero invitations to any of the upcoming gay weddings scheduled for Aug. 1, the day the new state law allowing same-sex marriages goes into effect.

No big deal, says the guv, he's heading to Milwaukee that day anyway. Super busy. And he's not sure if he has any authority to preside over any marriage. And he never really gets any wedding invitations anyway, reports the AP.

The story points out that Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak is very much in demand, as if that's not rubbing it in. Hizzoner the Mayor will perform 40 marriages at City Hall that day, the Star Tribune reported last month.

In fact, Rybak jumped on the rainbow-colored gay marriage bandwagon early, announcing he would start getting folk married right away in what will be a special day for many lovers. In a press release on the city's web site, Rybak looks like quite the wedding planner indeed, picking two couples to conjoin right after the bell tolls, in the midnight hour, when their love comes a-tumblin' down.

Over in St. Paul, Mayor Chris Coleman hasn't announced any particular plans that we can glean, though he did rename the Wabasha Bridge the "Freedom to Marry Bridge" for a week in May.

The Governor, on the other hand, only signed the gay marriage bill into law. Again, no big deal, everybody. It's cool.

To paraphrase that old adage about gaining friends in Washington: Get a dog. Dayton, a former U.S. Senator, appears to have learned that lesson well.

Minnesota's Bachelor-in-Chief still has two German shepherds, Itasca and Wannamingo, even though his beloved Mesabi passed in March.

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