Attention showered on Minnesota Realtor 'Dollar Store Ryan Gosling'

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Minneapolis Realtor Seth Nelson wasn't bothered at all when MinnPost this week dubbed him "Dollar Store Ryan Gosling" – a reference to his star turn in a sexy 3-minute commercial (above).

"We just cracked up," Nelson told BringMeTheNews. "(Gosling comparisons) are a common theme in my life."

The professionally produced video posted to YouTube is an eye-catching ad for a two-bedroom $1.99 million Uptown Minneapolis condo unit that Nelson is trying to sell. Among its features: floors made of wood that aged to a unique gray after more than 100 years at the bottom of Lake Superior, and a red leather patchwork accent wall.

The video, produced by Minneapolis-based SpaceCrafting, shows a glimpse at the life of an affluent fast-laner in his beautiful pad – working out, showering, jumping in his Maserati to meet a beautiful blonde for a night on the town. It ends with the two of them in matching white robes basking in a sunrise.

"The idea was to try to capture what it would be like to live in a place like that – what it would be like to experience a sunset on that balcony with a martini," Nelson said.

The ad was shot over several days and posted last fall. But it got a lot more attention (3,000 YouTube views jumped to more than 26,000) this week after WCCO's morning news show featured it, and MinnPost and CityPages had some fun with it. CityPages called the ad "bro-larious."

MinnPost notes that the video appears to show Dollar Store Ryan Gosling (DSRG) having a martini right before driving – and apparently making his date wait while he swills booze.

Nelson chuckles at that, asking, why assume that DSRG drove right after his drink, and who is to say his date waited more than a few moments? "It's amazing how people took it so literally," Nelson said.

He said the criticism was "water off my back," noting that even negative press is good publicity.

Nelson, who said the woman in the video is his real-life wife Jenny, declined to say how much the video cost to produce.

Nelson is also a Realtor in Orange County, California, and has dabbled in acting before, with appearances on "General Hospital" and "All My Children."

He said edgier real estate ads are more common on the West Coast.

"My goal is to bring that into the Midwest. As an agent, I like to be thinking outside the box, out ahead of the trends."

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