Audit: 88 law enforcement personnel misused driver's license data


The state's legislative auditor said Wednesday that 88 law enforcement personnel illegally accessed driver's license data in fiscal year 2012, the Star Tribune says.

The misuse includes non-work-related and work-related queries not permitted by law.

According to the report, over half of law enforcement officers looked up "people with their same name and surname."

The report comes a month after former state employee John Hunt was charged for illegally accessing thousands of motor vehicle records and keeping an encrypted file of women's license photos on his computer.

An investigation by a Mankato law firm revealed Hunt allegedly used the information to screen women on an online dating website,

The auditor's report raises the question about whether other law enforcement officers have done inappropriate searches of the database. MPR reports more than 11,000 law enforcement personnel accessed the data during fiscal year 2012.

The findings will likely influence legislation introduced last month that would increase transparency and penalties surrounding data breach, the Star Tribune says.

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