Authorities: Human remains found in Hastings date back to Civil War era

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Anthropologists determined the skeletal remains dug up at a construction site Wednesday date back to the Civil War era, KSTP reports.

The anthropologists reportedly determined the remains, which were uncovered up at the site of a new CVS Pharmacy in Hastings, were that of a middle-aged woman, likely of European descent.

The Star Tribune says several machine-cut coffin nails indicated the body had been buried sometime in the latter part of the 1800s.

The likeliest explanation, State Archeologist Scott Anfinson tells the Star Tribune, is that the woman was buried in an unmarked plot.

“Thousands of little cemeteries like that across the state never made it to the register of deeds, they never made it to the county recorder’s office,” Anfinson tells the newspaper.

Anfinson added that he expects more remains like the ones discovered Wednesday will be uncovered because of the "high development times like now."

KSTP says the state anthropologist will attempt to track down who owned the land around the time of the Civil War, in hopes they can return the woman's remains to any living relatives.

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