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Authorities investigate high-tech credit card skimming scheme


A small southeastern Minnesota gas station fell victim to a sophisticated credit card skimming scheme.

KTTC reports dozens of credit and debit card numbers were somehow hijacked from computers at the Cenex gas station at Eyota Market between July 30 and Aug. 5.

The victims reported charges on their accounts from locations all over the world, including Texas, the Dominican Republic and France.

KAAL reported that the customers noticed the fraudulent charges after using their cards to pay at the pump.

Authorities say they haven't been able to find any credit card skimming devices that are typically used in cases like this.

Investigators say the tech-savvy criminals likely hacked into the store's computer system. The suspects also left a virus on the hard drive.

"Our technology experts are trying to determine how the security was breached," Sgt. Tom Claymon with the Olmstead County Sheriff's Office told KAAL. "In this case, there was no external device used so we believe this was an internal program on the store's computer."

The Olmsted County Sheriff's Department met with the FBI Monday to help with the investigation. Similar incidents have been been reported in Cannon Falls, Plainview and Rochester.

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