Authorities round up 2 pigs on the loose in north Minneapolis

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In the second incidence of farm animals on the loose this week, authorities corralled two pigs wandering through a north Minneapolis neighborhood Friday morning.

The Star Tribune reports a sow and a boar, both roughly three to four months old, that got loose from an unknown location were spotted in the 2300 block of Emerson Avenue N. around 8 a.m., according to police.

A police officer and an animal control agent were able to round up the pigs and take them to the "pokey," the newspaper reports.

On Wednesday, a 1,600-pound bull was reported weaving through morning rush hour traffic in Washington County.

The Pioneer Press reported the bull was being transported to a market from a farm in West Lakeland Township when it broke through the gate of its trailer the night before.

A few minor accidents were reported by drivers trying to avoid colliding with the animal. Washington County authorities shot and killed the bull after tranquilizers were unsuccessful in slowing it down.

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