B-Dubs is closing its 2 fast-casual pizza joints in the Twin Cities

B-Dubs opened the two restaurants in 2014 with plans to open more, but its experiment has failed.

Buffalo Wild Wings' foray into fast-casual pizza dining in Minnesota proved short-lived, with the two restaurants it opened less than three years ago set to close.

Minnesota-based B-Dubs held the franchise rights to the expansion of California-based chain PizzaRev and in 2014 opened the first two locations in Minnesota – at Knollwood Crossing in Hopkins and Centennial Lakes Plaza in Edina.

But the Business Journal reports that both of the locations will be closing at a future, as yet unannounced date.

The website notes that B-Dubs' investment in fast-casual pizza came as it tried to diversify from its sit-down wings, sports and beer concept, but did so at a time when a flood of other competitors – including Blaze Pizza, Pie Five Pizza and Pieology – entered the market.

Pie Five announced it was closing its two Minnesota restaurants last month.

PizzaRev allows customers to choose an unlimited amount of topping options on 11-inch pizzas for $8.25, which are cooked in just three minutes in 900-degree, stone-bed ovens, the chain says.

CityPages reported in 2014 that the chain was looking to replicate the Chipotle experience for pizza.

Initially Buffalo Wild Wings had plans to open as many as 25 locations, but last April confirmed it wouldn't be pushing ahead with the expansion plans at that time.

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