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Baby born on I-94 with help from Woodbury officer


A newborn that just couldn't wait to come into the world was born on the side of the interstate in Woodbury last week.

Woodbury Patch reports the mother in labor was on her way to the hospital at 2:20 a.m. last Tuesday when officer Natalie Bauer, who is also a paramedic, got a call that a woman was going to give birth in her vehicle.

First responders were able to get to the vehicle on the shoulder of I-94 near Century Avenue within minutes of delivery, the Star Tribune reported.

Luckily, Bauer has had experience with a previous delivery in the field and was prepared when the umbilical cord became wrapped around the baby's neck.

The baby was successfully delivered. The two were transported to United Hospital in St. Paul and are reportedly doing well.

"It’s a pretty special thing to be part of this kind of call,” Bauer said. “As a paramedic, we often respond to situations that are not pleasant. It’s happy moments like this that keep us going.”

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