Baby owls make public debut at Lake Superior Zoo

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Seven burrowing owls born at Lake Superior Zoo last month are now a little older, a little wiser, and are on public show for the first time.

The owlets were born Thanksgiving week at the zoo in Duluth and are now old enough to receive visitors, with the zoo releasing pictures on its Facebook page showing their growth over the last few weeks.

According to KBJR, the birds are endangered in the region after the human spread through prairie lands deprived them of their homes.

"They definitely have that cute factor going on and especially with the two that we've hand reared they're not afraid of people at all. So anybody can come on up," Zoo Keeper Jackie Fallon told the TV station. "They'll come right up to the glass and show a lot of curiosity about strollers and cameras and things that people will put up to the glass."

The Duluth News Tribune reports the owlets were hatched as part of the Species Survival Program.

They will probably be staying at the zoo through winter, before they leave Minnesota to take part in the nationwide program, educating people about endangered species.

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