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Baby thrown from boat out of hospital, charges against adults may follow


Investigators are considering charges after a 4-month-old child was thrown from a sinking boat on the Minnesota River.

Six people – including the baby and a 5-year-old child – were thrown into the river when the 16-foot boat capsized north of Mankato after hitting a partially-submerged tree just before midnight Friday.

The baby required hospital treatment afterward, with the Mankato Free Press now reporting that the child has since been released.

No one else on the watercraft was injured.

Now, sheriff's officials and the county attorneys are investigating to see whether charges can be brought against any of the four adults on the boat.

According to FOX 9, this is because none of the six people aboard were wearing life jackets when it sank, and according to Minnesota law, any children under the age of 10 must wear a life jacket on moving watercraft at all times.

KEYC reports that the infant was strapped into a safety seat while on the boat, but DNR Enforcement Officer Capt. Cory Palmer said this is no substitute for a life jacket.

"It might be well intended (other flotation devices) but it's not appropriate," he told the TV station. "A life jacket has to be worn and it has to be certified by the US coast guard."

"There is no reason you can't go out [on the river]," he added. "Just know there are extra hazards extra precautions you're going to want to take if you're out at night whether you're on a river or on a lake just because of the extra dangers of night fall."

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