Bachmann challenger Graves makes full-time return to hotel business

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Minneapolis hotel magnate Jim Graves is back in the hotel business full time following his loss in the race for U.S. representative against Rep. Michele Bachmann, Finance and Commerce reports.

Graves, who was narrowly defeated by the Republican incumbent in the general election last month, said he'd rather keep on developing and managing hotels than consider another run for public office.

Graves remarked to Finance and Commerce that the race "was divisive and polarizing, and I had a lot of mud thrown at me."

Bachmann's victory over Graves was a costly one. According to Federal Election Commission numbers, Bachmann's campaign spent $11.8 million to defeat her Democratic challenger.

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Hotel magnate Jim Graves, the Democratic challenger to Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., is worth between $22 million and $111 million, according to financial disclosure forms, but he says he is not going to rely on self-funding his campaign. Bachmann has pounced on her opponent's wealth in an effort to rally her supporters and raise money.