Bachmann expects to be cleared in campaign ethics investigation


Rep. Michele Bachmann denied allegations of financial misconduct during her 2012 presidential campaign that prompted an investigation by a congressional ethics panel, FOX 9 reports.

"I'm thoroughly convinced that I'll be cleared," Bachmann said at the state capitol Tuesday.

The Office of Congressional Ethics is looking into claims that Bachmann's campaign made under-the-table payments to key staffers. Bachmann says the allegations are politically motivated.

"There’s political motivations that are involved because I've been named as the number one target (for) defeat by the Democrat Party, by Nancy Pelosi and also by SuperPACs," Bachmann said.

However, the Star Tribune reports the legal and ethical charges against her have all come from members of her own presidential campaign staff. Bachmann denied this as well.

The newspaper also noted that once reporters began asking questions about the ethics allegations, Bachmann's aides pushed reporters and photographers out of the way as the congresswoman was ushered out of the room.

Bachmann attended a joint news conference with state Sen. Sean Nienow, R-Cambridge, calling for state and national audit of Medicaid after a report last month showed Minnesota overpaid health plans to cover Medicaid enrollees by at least $207 million.

Bachmann authored a bill that would require a national audit of state-based Medicaid programs.

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