Bachmann: I still intend to be in the fight


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann says her decision not to seek re-election does not mean she's quitting her public involvement.

In her first interview since announcing she would not run for a fifth term in the House, the Minnesota Republican told Fox News "Sometimes you can be more effective from the outside than on the inside."

Bachmann offered no hints about what her new role might be. But she would not rule out running for public office again in the future, telling Sean Hannity she's not taking anything off the table.

Hannity is a supporter of Bachmann and contributed to her presidential campaign. As the Star Tribune notes, his interview included no mention of the investigations into possible financial improprieties in that campaign. The FBI is among the agencies looking into allegations that the campaign made under-the-table payments to the state senator who led Bachmann's Iowa camapaign.

Bachmann announced her decision against another Congressional campaign by releasing a video online during the wee hours on Wednesday of last week.

Here's her appearance on Hannity's show:



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Michele Bachmann's speech at an anti-abortion rally in St. Paul marked her first public appearance since the end of her presidential campaign. The Republican Congresswoman called for the repeal of Roe vs. Wade, but would not say whether she plans to run for re-election to her House seat.

Bachmann: 'I was the perfect candidate'

In an interview with Bloomberg's Al Hunt, Michele Bachmann said any of the current Republican candidates for president will be "acceptable to the American people" but said "America had their chance with the perfect candidate."

Bachmann still haunted by Iowa presidential campaign

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., dropped out of the presidential race and moved on to her re-election campaign months ago, but her most recent filing with the Federal Election Commission indicates her presidential campaign still owes $935,000 to vendors. And a former aide on the campaign is suing the congresswoman, alleging that the campaign stole a private email list of Christian home school teachers.