Bachmann makes last pitch in a wildly unpredictable contest

Michele Bachmann is in her hometown today, hoping to sway huge numbers of still-undecided voters to support her in the Iowa caucuses tonight. The AP says a poor showing could sink her campaign, and the latest poll in the Des Moines Register doesn't have good news. And ABC tries to answer the question on many people's minds: What's a caucus, anyway?

The news hasn't been good for Michele Bachmann, who has suffered terrible showings in the polls and high-profile staff defections, but you wouldn't know it from watching her campaign.

MPR follows her in her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, where she's trying to sway undecided voters and get some much-needed momentum to continue her campaign after the Iowa caucuses. The Associated Press says a poor showing could doom her campaign.

Republicans are gathering tonight to decide a contest that still seems very much up for grabs. The Associated Press says recent polls have pegged Mitt Romney and Ron Paul at the top in Iowa. The Des Moines Register calls it a "dead heat" among Romney, Paul and Rick Santorum. Still, more than a third of likely caucus-goers haven't even made up their minds.

So what's the big deal about the Iowa caucuses anyway? The contest is essentially just a statewide straw poll, but timing and tradition make it significant, according to ABC News.

Why not hold our own straw poll: Looking at the Republican presidential contenders, who would you pick and why? Share your thoughts below.

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Bachmann TV ad hits airwaves one-day before Iowa caucuses

Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann was born and raised in Iowa. The presidential candidate is reminding Iowa's Republican caucus voters of those roots in her only TV ad airing less than 24-hours before Tuesday's caucuses. The Des Moines Register reports the spot started airing across the state Monday.

Bachmann quietly approaches caucus

In a far cry from her Straw Poll victory over the summer, Michele Bachmann's poll numbers have dropped and her money had dried up. She is keeping a light schedule leading up to Iowa's first in the nation caucus.

Source: Bachmann is suspending campaign

The National Journal is quoting an anonymous source who says the congresswoman is dropping her bid for the White House. The source says the campaign sees "no viable way forward" after her sixth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses.

Bachmann says she'll pick up former Cain supporters

Michele Bachmann says her presidential campaign began hearing from former Herman Cain supporters on the same day Cain withdrew from the field of Republican candidates. A new Des Moines Register poll shows Bachmann running fourth in Iowa, where caucuses are less than a month away.

Breaking: Bachmann sets 10 a.m. news conference; cancels S.C. trip

Michele Bachmann has reportedly scheduled a press conference in Iowa this morning amid rumors that she'll drop out of the race following a disappointing 6th-place showing in the Iowa Caucuses last night. The AP reports she has also canceled a trip to South Carolina. She told supporters after the caucus results that she would continue her campaign.