Bachmann reappointed to intelligence panel, over critics' objections


U.S. House Speaker John Boehner has reappointed Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) to the House Intelligence Committee, over the objections of critics who want her off the panel.

USA Today reports the group People for the American Way collected 86,000 signatures on a petition urging Boehner to remove Bachmann from the panel. The group says Bachmann's claims last year that certain federal employees are operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood were irresponsible.

Boehner was among several Republicans who criticized Bachmann for her remarks, which included implicating Minnesota's fifth district Congressman, Keith Ellison.

Sixth district voters elected Bachmann to a fourth term in Congress in November. Bachmann is unrepentant about her Muslim Brotherhood remarks. During the fall campaign she said President Obama has engaged in a policy of appeasement and that America is "losing our ability to identify our radical Islamist enemy."

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Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is one of several Republicans who says President Barack Obama lied about not leaking intelligence information about drone strikes and other information on the war on terror. At a conservative gathering in Chicago Saturday, Bachmann said the information was leaked "to make Obama look like he was tough on terror."