Bachmann says ethics complaint was campaign strategy, will yield nothing


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann commented Tuesday on a House Ethics Committee investigation into her 2012 presidential campaign, saying she's confident nothing will come out of it.

The sixth district Republican was at the Minnesota Capitol to meet with Gov. Mark Dayton on an unrelated issue. Afterward, she took questions from reporters and suggested the ethics complaint stems from political opponents hoping to defeat her in the 2014 House race.

Bachmann announced this spring she will not seek re-election. The Star Tribune reports Bachmann said of the ethics complaint Tuesday "That was the basis of a 2014 campaign in my opinion and I don't think anything is going to come from it. I think that ultimately everything is going to be great."

The Ethics Committee confirmed last week that it has taken up the investigation after a referral from an independent panel, the Office of Congressional Ethics. Specifics about what is under investigation have not been revealed. But as MPR notes most of the complaints involving Bachmann's presidential campaign have come from fellow Republicans who worked with her, including a staff member and a former campaign manager.

The ethics investigation is not likely to go away soon. Bachmann said the process can take "years and years," the Star Tribune says.

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