Bachmann's big bucks loom in Graves rematch


It ain't like Jim Graves is broke. The self-made hotelier and millionaire contributed $500,000 to his first campaign against Rep. Michele Bachmann last year. But since he announced Thursday he was challenging the 6th District incumbent to a rematch, Graves may again want to write himself a check.

As the Star Tribune reports, Bachmann's first quarter 2013 fund-raising figures aren't due to be released until Monday, but she already has shown plenty in the bank. Her year-ending statements for 2012 show some $2 million on hand, after she moved $3 million from her defunct presidential campaign, according to the Strib. Graves, meanwhile, has $30,000 left over from last year.

Bachmann wasted no time going on a spending spree, with TV ads depicting Graves as an Obama acolyte already airing in the Twin Cities.

Of course, there is the little problem of ethics inquiries into Bachmann's presidential campaign, which she has said she expects to just blow over.

Either way, it's likely that Bachmann would rather pay to get her message out than count on her friends in the media. And it's even more certain that both candidates have not yet begun to spend.

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Bachmann, Graves to hold three debates

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann has agreed to three debates with her DFL opponent Jim Graves on the week before the Nov. 6 election, the St. Cloud Times reports. However, the Graves campaign is pushing the three-term Congresswoman to have more than just three debates. β€œIt frustrates me that Bachmann was willing to give 15 debates during her presidential campaign," Jim Graves said. The first public debate is set for Oct. 30 in St. Cloud.

Bachmann-Graves race draws national attention

Rep. Michele Bachmann, the polarizing Minnesota Republican and Tea Party favorite, is often in more than her share of headlines. She is generating even more attention in the final sprint to Election Day – and so is her opponent, DFL businessman Jim Graves – as the national media shine a spotlight on Bachmann's tightest race yet.