Back to school with no AC? Mpls to sweat it out; Fargo backs off


Districts that have moved the first day of school up to late August are bringing students back in the middle of one of the muggiest heat waves of summer.

And in some cases they'll be sending them to classrooms without air conditioning. KSTP reports Minneapolis, which starts school on Monday, is without air conditioning in 18 of its 65 school buildings.

The district issued a statement over the weekend urging parents to send their kids to school in lightweight, light-colored clothing. Schools also plan to have extra water on hand to keep everyone hydrated.

The Fargo school district took a different approach by deciding to keep its five schools that lack AC closed through Wednesday.

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for most of Minnesota and an excessive heat warning for west central and south central counties (including the Twin Cities) through Tuesday. Forecasters expect the heat index will be well over 100 degrees, with the air temperature reaching the middle 90's in the afternoon and staying in the mid-70's or above overnight.

The Minnesota Department of Health offers a tip sheet for managing the heat.

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