Badger Hill brewed a special beer to celebrate Valleyfair's new ride

You can only get it at Valleyfair, or in the taproom.

Badger Hill Brewing Company is celebrating Valleyfair's new ride with an exclusive beer.

Valleyfair opened this year for the first time in 39 years without the Enterprise – it was removed to make room for a giant spinning swing called the North Star.

So Badger Hill (which is located less than a mile from the amusement park) brewed a North Star American Wheat exclusively for Valleyfair, and the tap handles for the new beer are a special nod to the new ride.

North Star American Wheat is a light, hazy American wheat beer with flavors of citrus, described as "the perfect easy-to-drink beer on a hot summer day at the park."

It's fittingly brewed with Polaris (also known as North Star) hops. North Star American Wheat has an ABV of 5.2 percent and 20 IBUs (that's how bitter the beer tastes).

You'll be able to get North Star in the Badger Hill taproom and at three locations inside Valleyfair – Atomic Beer, Chickie's and Pete's, and Depot Refreshments.

Badger Hill made a special beer for Valleyfair last year too. It was called the High Roller Extra Pale Ale.

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