Badly-written flyers threaten Muslim voters in Minneapolis

The flyers were distributed in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood.

A spelling error-riddled flyer warning "barberic muslims" ahead of Tuesday's precinct caucuses were distributed in Minneapolis' Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.

A copy of the flyer was shared on Twitter by Rep. Ilhan Omar, America's first Somali-American politician who represents the 60B Minnesota House district that includes Cedar-Riverside.

"Yesterday folks were excited to come together and celebrate grassroots democracy and caucus," she tweeted. "We were confronted with these posters that were dropped throughout the Cedar Riverside neighborhood, intending to scare us away from participating in the democratic process."

Copies of the flyer were posted on social media by local residents on Tuesday evening, with Abdirizak Bihi writing on Facebook that they were slipped under doors an hour before the caucuses started.

The poster itself is filled with spelling errors and profanity, but carries an overriding threat to Muslim residents of the neighborhood, which has a large Somali-American population, that the authors will "take the necassary [sic] steps to defend our American values."

It starts "Dear immigrant-scums [sic]," before continuing: "The purpose of this letter is to inform you that our newly formed MEGA-MN organization would like to give a notice that we will not tolerate any inflitartion [sic] from sharia-loving muslim [sic] at our precient [sic] caucus.

It goes on to accuse "barberic [sic] muslims [sic]" of being unable to conduct themselves in a "civial [sic] matter."

It then refers to them as "muslims [sic] bastard" and says their form of politics has led "your country to a shithole state."

It's headed with Donald Trump's name and slogan "Make America Great Again," but there is no indication it is in any way connected to the president or the wider Republican Party.

Google and social media searches for "MEGA-MN" turns up no relevant results.

You can see the flyer below. 

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