Bag of cocaine discovered in granola bar produced by General Mills


Narcotics detectives in Texas are investigating how a woman discovered a small bag of cocaine in a granola bar made by Minnesota-based General Mills.

KSAT 12 reports that Cynthia Rodriguez opened a free sample of a Nature Valley Crunch Granola Bar to discover a small bag with dollar signs inside.

She actually contacted Nature Valley thinking she had won a prize, only to be advised to call the police. Officers then found that the bag contained cocaine.

Nature Valley's parent company General Mills, based in Golden Valley, has said that the bag did not come from one of its facilities, saying in a statement: "We referred this to the police in March and are confident this did not happen in our facility," according to Time.

"Inside the production facility the product moves very fast and it would be extremely difficult to get something in there," the spokesman added.

Sgt. Javier Salazar told KENS 5 it is a "disturbing case" and said that it could have proved deadly had the bar been opened by a child. His officers are now trying to determine at what point the cocaine got into the wrapper.

"We're not sure if this was something added on purpose or if it was something that may have fallen out of someone's pocket on the assembly line," he told the TV station, although General Mills' statement suggests the latter would be highly unlikely.

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