Larger than life-sized Barbie's Dream House to open at Mall of America


If you want to celebrate Valentine's Day in the biggest, pinkest surroundings you can find, head to the Mall of America for the opening day of Barbie The Dreamhouse Experience, which the mall's website says will allow visitors "to become a living doll" as they wander through the exhibit.

The Pioneer Press reports the larger-than-life-sized interactive Dreamhouse is located on Level 3 in the southeast corner of the mall. The story says that while the house is designed to delight today's tech-savvy child and features multiple screens and data-storing pink bracelets, there are also activities that involve old-fashioned play and imagination.

KSTP toured the 30,000 square foot exhibit that features a pink elevator, fashion runway and Barbie's coveted wardrobe. A sneak peek in Mpls St Paul magazine blog suggests that women who are a few decades out from their prime Barbie-playing years are not the target audience for the exhibit. The story notes that "...there are more than 300 dolls in all manner of costume on display, but they aren't labeled with the details and history that would appeal to collectors. It's a telling oversight, as the exhibit plays to young girls, with a table for coloring, costumes for dress up, and a stage for performing."

No surprise that the exhibit also features a store selling Barbie dolls and accessories. There's also a Barbie Cafe for those who are hungry for treats with lots of pink sprinkles.

You can't pay your way in with money minted by Mattel. Park your pink Corvette, stroll in and pay the admission charge of $23.99 per person, $16.99 for seniors; 2 and under are free. It's open every day and the mall says it will be around for a couple of years.

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