Bed, Bath & Beyond is accepting Toys 'R' Us gift cards – but the offer is ending soon

You won't get full value for your gift cards, but it's better than nothing.
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Got a Toys 'R' Us gift card you forgot to use before the company went under? Take it to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The homewares chain is running a limited time offer where it will exchange Toys 'R' Us gift cards in exchange for its own.

But the offer comes to an end on Thursday, so you'll have to ask fast.

Bed, Bath & Beyond will only accept cards with values of $20 or more and you won't get full value for your gift cards.


– Toys "R" Us to close or sell all of its stores.

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The gift cards are exchanged using the Card Cash service, with cards from different retailers holding values based on market factors.

As CNN Money notes, a $100 Toys "R" Us gift card would get you $64.20 in Bed, Bath & Beyond credit, though the same amount on a Target gift card would get you $85.60.

Currently, a $20 Toys "R" Us balance would get you $12.84.

Toys "R" Us shuttered all of its U.S. stores, including several in Minnesota, after filing for bankruptcy amid a continued downturn in its business.

You can exchange your gift cards here.

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