Bed bugs confirmed in Wisconsin Dells resort hotel


Two Wisconsin high school dance coaches who were staying at a resort hotel in the Wisconsin Dells while attending a dance camp say they were bitten by bed bugs there.

WMTV in Madison reported they were staying at the Chula Vista Resort.

Katie Madaus said after she noticed numerous bites, she called the front desk and an employee assessed her room and confirmed that it was infested. She posted pictures of bites on her face and arms on her Facebook page.

"After we found out we were busy dealing with it away from our team for quite a while, moving our things, getting our things dry cleaned, trying to deal with how we were going to be compensated," Madaus said.

WISC-TV in Madison reported that Sauk County health officials confirmed that bed bugs were found at the resort.

The station's story said the Southwest Environmental Consortium received a complaint Thursday and Chula Vista's management shut the room in question and inspected adjacent rooms.

WMTV added that when the environmental health manager arrived to inspect the Chula Vista Resort Friday morning, a heat treatment was already underway.

In an article published last month, Consumer Affairs notes that bed bugs have been making a comeback in the U.S. since 2004, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention blaming the epidemic to the pests developing a resistance to pesticides.

The story adds that the first place consumers are likely to encounter them is in a hotel room, and it can happen at pricey chains as well as at low-rent motels.

An infestation is bad for business. Researchers at the University of Kentucky studied the economic hit at hotels when guests have an encounter with bed bugs.

"Their results show that, on average, a single report of bed bugs in recent traveler reviews lowers the value of a hotel room for a business traveler by $38 and $23 per room per night for leisure travelers," the story said.

The University of Minnesota has created a guide called "Let's Beat the Bed Bug!" that has tips and advice on inspecting hotel rooms for the pests.

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