Beecroft convicted again in killing her newborn

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Nicole Marie Beecroft has been convicted of killing her newborn baby daughter again.

Beecroft is the Oakdale teenage mom who stabbed her newborn daughter 135 times. Her infant was found outside of the house in a garbage can, wrapped in a towel.

The Star Tribune reports, that she was convicted Friday in the stabbing, but this time to a reduced charge. Judge John C. Hoffman found the now 24-year-old Beecroft guilty of second-degree intentional murder.

Beecroft was 17 and a senior in high school when the incident occurred. She was originally tried as an adult and convicted of first-degree murder in 2008, that conviction was reversed in 2012. Hoffman's ruling means she will no longer have to serve a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole. That ruling comes more than two months after the conclusion of her bench trial.

The Pioneer Press reports, in Hoffman's ruling he states "This Court however, after hearing the evidence is not able to find beyond a reasonable doubt that the above facts are wholly consistent with planning and/or premeditation to the exclusion of other reasonable explanations."

Prosecutors will seek an upward departure from sentencing guidelines, which with Beecroft's clean criminal history would call for around 30 years in prison. She would receive credit for the seven years she has already served.

There has not been a hearing scheduled on that request.

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