Beer by mail? Minnesota brewery among those cool to idea

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The leader of the U.S. Postal Service wants Congress to change the law banning postal delivery of beer, wine, and spirits. The postmaster general thinks delivering liquor might help the Service soak up some of the red ink it's bleeding.

So when will the postman ring with our favorite microbrew?

Not so fast say folks in the beer biz, including those at Summit Brewing in St. Paul. A Summit spokeswoman tells CNBC there are other obstacles to beer going postal.For one thing, buy-in from Congress would not be enough. Summit's Carey Matthews says a number of states -- including Minnesota -- have their own laws that prohibit brewers from selling directly to consumers.

Experts also told CNBC that many craft breweries and small wineries lack the staffing or the resources to make mail-order deliveries work on their end.

The Postal Service, which reported a $740 million loss in the third quarter, is lobbying for the repeal of a 100-year-old law banning delivery of liquor by mail. CNN reports the House sponsor of a bill to help the Postal Service supports the idea. But the station says the concept has also been pitched in the past and fallen short on Capitol Hill.

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