Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 10/20/16

B, D & G discuss the final presidential debate, and our Snow Show announcement!

It's Snow Show day! We finally told everyone the biggest news of the year. Bastille will be leading our Holiday party this year. We are also very excited about the local contest we are holding for the opening act. Check out all the details at

The Last Debate, Thank God

Thankfully, last night was the last presidential debate, so no one in America has to sit through that boring joke ever again. We talked about the mess between Trump and Clinton that might as well have been a repeat of Saturday Night Live. Hilary came at Trump's life, Trump couldn't hold himself back from interrupting, and honestly, Chris Wallace might have been the best part.

We don't want to meet any psycho spirits!

It's three against one in the studio as to whether or not we should spend Halloween night at Anoka State Mental Asylum, the most haunted place in Minnesota. Ben is all about getting followed home by spirits but Dana, G and Intern Anna aren't for it unless they have a comfortable RV to sleep in across the street. We were warned not to go and disturb anyone, but if you want to see us get spooked, send us over something scary!

Ask a Cop

Officer Schmidt was in studio this morning giving you all the tips and tricks (or treats).

$1000 Minute

Jake played everyone's favorite radio game this morning and did pretty well for his first. Play along in your car or call in yourself every morning with BD&G!

The Trend

The last presidential debate was last night, and we are all excited to see this come to a spiraling end. The Lynx are playing for all the marbles tonight and trying to break an attendance record all at the same time. Last up, if you or anyone you know listened to the radio this morning, odds are they have a STD because those are at the highest rates ever. So be safe, get tested and don't be dumb.

Get to Know

Today's challenge: Using all of the Snow Show 2016 bands, create a new band name. We had a lot of fun with this one and celebrated just how awesome the lineup is this year. We can't wait until December 15th when we see you at the Target Center.

Green Day Tickets

We played a class game of Stupid Easy Trivia with Amanda who (thankfully) answered all three questions right! She's headed to Green Day in April! Congratulations!

Thirsty Thursday with Inbound Brewery

Happy weekend people, we are celebrating with our favorite people at Inbound Brewery who are also helping us host the last Beerocracy tonight from 5-8pm.

Weekend Shenanigans

Head over to 50th and France for Pumpkin Fest fun for the whole family!

Cider Fest is hosting 10 Cider House's this weekend at Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard from 1-5pm on Saturday.
If you want to stay in and watch a movie, head over to Westend Icon Theaters for Twin Cities Film Fest happening all weekend long.

Rap Up

Don't forget the Daily Rap Up with Chaz Kangas (@chazraps) who freestyles a secret word and recaps everything we talked about previously in the show.

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