Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 10/21/16

The Morning show crew mourn the Lynx loss and list their favorite Halloween candy.

Happy Friday! We broke big news for you, the polar vortex is making its way back to Minnesota. You heard it here first people, the winter is going to be tough and we are not sure if Giselle might go into shock or not. We celebrated Friday Jams with a Bang Bang (see what I dd there) because it's the last day we gave away Green Day tickets.
Top or Not Halloween Candy

We found some crazy list that claimed there is someone out there that thinks Hersey's Special Dark chocolate is the best Halloween candy. What came in second place? Nerds. Who wants nerds? Our favorites were Reece's Peanut Butter Cups! We asked what horrible experiences you've had with candy, and warned people to not be those people. Also, if you really want to be the winning house, give the parents a beer for the trick or treating.

Are we gross?

We tallied up a list of things that made us gross, then we proceeded to go on the radio with just all the disgusting things we've done before. Maybe you don't wash your sheets (for a year...) or bite your toe nails. Dana won with a total score of 12/12 being the grossest person in the room, but we know there are some of you nasty people out there not admitting the truth.

The Trend

The Lynx lost and the state is kind of sad about it. You can escape the start of the polar vortex by visiting the Prince pop-up museum at the Mall of America.

Being Bald and Beautiful

A new study came out stating that a bald head is no longer stopping women from seeking men and we're can most definitely agree with that! Our friend Bradley is going bald, so our resident baldy, Ben, gave him a pep talk.

$1000 Minute

Darian wrapped up his $1000 Minute game with an extra $50.00 to McDonald's to celebrate all-day breakfast. You could be the next winner on Monday around 7:30am, and every day when we play!

Get To Know

The boss man, Chris, asked "If you could go back to any historical event, which one would it be?" Dana is headed back to the Anchor Bar in New York when they created chicken wings. Knowing what we all know now, we want to go back to when Prince played the Super Bowl, worth every penny. What we all concluded though, is that we want to make history when the Vikings swoop the Super Bowl.

Make Us Laugh...Please MAKE US LAUGH

We played one of our favorite games to give away the last set of Green Day tickets: Make Us Laugh. We had a great Chris Farley impression come on and he made the team laugh. Jake is headed to Green Day in April.

Foodie Friday with Black Sheep Pizza

We celebrated our favorite pizza and neighbors, Black Sheep Pizza. They stopped by and chatted with us about their new bar, new happy hour and of course some classic coal-fired pizza.

Rap Up
Don't forget the Daily Rap Up with Chaz Kangas (@chazraps) who freestyles a secret word and recaps everything we talked about previously in the show.

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Next Up

Flickr -  Bank Plaze Nov 2020 - Chad Davis

US Bank employees won't return to downtown Minneapolis office next month

The company, citing COVID's resurgence, has pushed back its office return plans.

Katie Storm Twitter Bally Sports North - Aug 4 2021

MN native Katie Storm returning home for role with Bally Sports North

The St. Cloud State grad had worked for Fox Sports North before leaving for Philadelphia.

Flickr - Wisconsin State Fair cream puff - USDA

Free cream puff for people who get vaccinated at the Wisconsin State Fair

Get a shot, then head over to Cream Puff Pavilion for a free treat.

theodore wirth trailhead

Minneapolis parks now requiring masks in all indoor spaces

Anyone going inside recreation centers, ice arenas, and indoor spaces at pools must put on a mask.

Eric Reinbold - Pennington County Sheriff Aug 4 2021

At-large murder suspect was caught after triggering trail camera

Authorities had been searching for Eric Reinbold for nearly a month.

Flickr - toxic algae bloom - MPCA Photos

Climate change is warming lakes, leading to more toxic algae blooms

The MPCA says blue-green algae blooms are occurring all across the state.

vaccine, covid

Minnesotans can now register to get $100 for getting the COVID-19 vaccine

It's available for those who get their first jab between July 30 and Aug. 15.

Phillip Miller

Benton County prosecutor charged with sexual assault of teenager

Phillip Miller has been charged with varying levels of sexual assault charges.

Pixabay - pistol holster handgun

Permit-to-carry law doesn't violate 2nd amendment, MN Supreme Court says

A man charged with carrying a pistol without a permit argued it was unconstitutional.


Here is Minnesota's COVID-19 update for Wednesday, August 4

The delta variant has been leading to higher case counts and hospitalizations in Minnesota.


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