Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 10/24/16

Dating, the Vikings, and the sites you can't live without.

We are back, and woke up to celebrate Monday with you! Over the weekend, Giselle headed to Grouplove and Intern Anna lost her dignity drinking in a basement. We have yet to find it. Big news too, Go 96.3 has a new number! Call or text us every day at 651-989-9696.

Vikings don't have a perfect record anymore

This is the beginning of the end for Minnesota sports fan. After the Lynx loss last week, Minnesotans were reminded all too well of what happens when a team might be on a good streak with a championship in the future. Vikings took a major hit at any hope of a Super Bowl in their future losing 21-10 to the Eagles in Sunday's game. Maybe we all need to have Giselle's mind set, she still has a little bit of hope.

Websites you can't live without

We checked out the 17 websites that you need to keep in your favorite tab. Intern Anna swears by, where you can create meals with things you already have in the house. Ben's go to was the, where you can get an email address for when you just need to use a fake one without getting spammed for the rest of eternity.

The Trend

AT&T is merging with Time Warner Cable. Vikings are no longer Super Bowl-bound according to Ben and Dana, but Giselle is holding out for them. Last up, Saturday Night Live was hilarious over the weekend with Alec Baldwin as Trump and host Tom Hanks slayed the game.

Dates are not real anymore and love might be dead

Intern Anna is convinced that dating isn't a thing anymore and for the right reasons. Giselle, however, thought that women can be the one to set the tone and turn "hanging with friends" into "want to grab dinner before?" We all concluded that may be a little high maintenance. Chivalry is getting murdered by not only men but also women who have gotten used to the texts after 9 p.m. or worse... drunk texts past 11 p.m.

$1,000 Minute 

Mary Grace wrapped up Monday's game of $1,000 Minute with a $60 win. You can play a long with us every day at 7:30 a.m. Call us at our new number 651-989-9696.

Get to Know

We kept with the Halloween theme this morning and asked, "What kind of Halloween candy best describes you?" Dana went straight to Reese's because everyone loves him! Intern Anna moved towards the sour sweet of Sour Patch Kids, blue flavor for obvious reasons. Giselle kept swimming with Swedish Fish. What best describes you and your taste in Halloween?


Intern Anna found a new game where she lost all of her dignity and has yet to locate it. Picolo is a new drinking game in the app store. She unlocked all four levels for only $10, it was well worth it too. We played a couple rounds and if we were drinking, it might get weird.

Weekly Shenanigans 

Get your Wu-Tang on at Super Night at Tattersall Distillery Monday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Third annual pumpkin carving contest at Tin Whiskers on Thursday.

Celebrate 19 years with Town Hall Brewery all week long at their anniversary party.

Rap Up
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