Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 10/26/16 - Bring Me The News

Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 10/26/16

Bar close and paranormal investigations.

Anna's BFF is ditching her for Halloween but David S. Pumpkins is available! Anna loves Halloween. She's been planning on it for the last six months. Last night, she found out her BFF Halloween will now just be a solo project, and she's devastated.

Big changes coming to bar close 

Food trucks and closed roads for Uber and taxi access will now become a norm for downtown Minneapolis. This will hopefully help to slow down the craziness that begins around 11 p.m. and ends around 2:30 a.m. when bars close.

Ross Beard from Anoka Paranormal Investigations

We talked to Ross Beard this morning from the Anoka Paranormal Investigations. He gave us the advice to stay far away from the Anoka State Mental Asylum, one of the most haunted places in the country.

The Trend

Food trucks and streets in downtown Minneapolis will be closed except for the transportation of drunk people. It will be kicking off this weekend right in time for Halloween beginning at 11pm on Friday night. Justin Timberlake is headed to the clinker! He took a selfie in the voting booth and according to city officials, he could face up to 30 days in prison, actually. The Cubs wrapped up game 1 against Cleveland last night and everyone gets a free Doritos Locos taco from Taco Bell #Winning.

$1,000 Minute 

Alicia, she's a cool nanny, played $1,000 Minute this morning. She took home $45 and you could have too, every day at 7:30 a.m.

Get to Know 

We chatted about what the worst presents you've ever received. Maybe you received something like Ben who got a coonskin hat. Can anyone say Davy Crockett? Or maybe you got something like one of our callers who got a children's bible... for her 21st birthday. Everyone has those people who give those gifts.

Rap Up

Don't forget the Daily Rap Up with Chaz Kangas (@chazraps) who freestyles a secret word and recaps everything we talked about previously in the show.

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