Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 10/27/16

Ben, Dana and Giselle share ghost stories and something even spookier: Ex stories!

It's almost Friday, but until then, we ran a show to get you through Thursday morning. We are celebrating Halloween again in studio, Anna and Giselle are one cat. Yes, Anna is rocking the cat ears and Giselle is rocking the tail. She's the butt! We gave away Snow Show tickets and some cash money in $1000 Minute. Did you miss out? Join us every day from 6am-10am.

Facebook's New Tool

Facebook debuted a new feature that could help fight depression and friends dealing with suicidal thoughts. Now, reporting posts can be focused on sending help to friends posting about anything concerning. The tool allows to contact other friends, helplines or authorities.

Know The Show

Emily played a very successful round of Know The Show and took home Snow Show 2016 tickets. She knows Ben is the only member who showers every morning before work, Dana is always carrying Up-Down tokens, that Giselle always has a Diet Coke, water, coffee and protein shake in front of her and Anna has been dressing up for Halloween all week long. She'll be hanging with B, D and G come December.

The Trend

Arby's debuted a new sandwich made of a...different... kind of meat. Ben calls it "exotic." Donald Trump's Hollywood star was destroyed with a pickax and there's no holding out hope for the Timberwolves because they failed horribly playing the sport they get paid to play.

Ask a Cop

Officer Schmidt is back in studio for Ask a Cop. We asked him a very important, very serious question... "What is the best donut shop?" Seriously, we all needed to know! We also asked if people can become cops with criminal convictions. Here's a warning to anyone who listened this morning: don't end up in detox. It turns into a three day thing and you don't want to do that.

$1000 Minute

Bailey played her first ever game of $1000 Minute and didn't do too bad. You could win $10-$1000 every morning at 7:30a did you know that? Play with us!

Get To Know

To get into the spirit of Halloween (BOO!) our boss asked, "What's the creepiest thing to ever happen to you?" Ben and Intern Anna hear phantom dogs and symphonies in the studio next to us. Giselle finds dimes left by her grandma and grandpa. However, it was Chris with the scariest story hearing his own name being whispered after running away from a high school party.

See your ex in public? RUN!

Have you ever seen your ex in public? Have you ever just ran away, or maybe hid in a garbage can like Intern Anna? Dana ran into his ex who dated a tool, and D let them know about all of the good times they had together. We've all been there, and we've all found some good hiding spots too!

Thirsty Thursday with The Herkimer

We brought in one of the originals this week, The Herkimer is in studio. They will be kicking off their anniversary party in December. Plus, they have an awesome happy hour and late night menu. Visit them anytime in uptown or, if you're a Packer fan, they are THE Packer bar in town.

Anna's Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Halloween! There are a ton of celebrations all over town, but here's some of the fun going on to get your ghoul on!

Up- Down Halloween Bash with drink specials and costume contests all night long.

- Head over to the Halloween capital of the world, Anoka, Minnesota for their 96th annual Halloween Parade.

- Our friends over at Lake Monster Brewing is have a Halloween Party all weekend long. On Saturday, the Monster Bash is going down with all-you-can-drink craft beer, costume contests and more. Then when you recover from that party, come back for Brews and Babies, the name says it all.

Rap Up

Don't forget the Daily Rap Up with Chaz Kangas (@chazraps) who freestyles a secret word and recaps everything we talked about previously in the show.

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