Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 10/31/16 - Bring Me The News

Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 10/31/16

Halloween, all morning long.

Happy Halloween! We were excited to celebrate with ghost stories and ghouls all morning long! We also have big news! Giselle is in love and Intern Anna cried about it. Tears of happiness, though. Hopefully you ate all the candy you could today!

Ben made up a story about being ghosted over the weekend so Giselle could be distracted because he had planned for her to be scared by GoMN news guy, Declan. Boo!

The Trend
Up in The Trend today, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars could be in some trouble for allegedly copying from a local band for "Uptown Funk." The Vikings are playing a spooky game against the Bears tonight. Sorry to any trick-or-treaters stop by Ben's house during the game, no candy for them. And if you are in the mood for Chipotle, there will be $3 burritos for wearing your costume, but we all remember when burritos were free and you had to dress as a burrito.

Paranormal stuff
Getting spooky again! We talked to Ross Beard from Anoka Paranormal Investigations. Listen to how spooky it gets down at the Anoka State Hospital with all the unrest.

$1,000 Minute
Kyle dressed up as Viking Brett Favre for Halloween and played $1,000 Minute. He took home $70!

Get to Know
Everyone has that one movie that just sticks with you and changes your soul a little. Here's to Human Centipede, because who doesn't think about if they want to be the first middle or last in the centipede. Dana's pick is Hostile but it wasn't nearly as spooky as G's pick, Magic Mike.

G is in love
After waiting a while to hear the magic words, G finally heard from dreamy boyfriend Milan, that he loves her!

Free and fun shenanigans
Halloween Movie Night tonight at Muddy Waters kicking off at 7 p.m. with Twilight ZoneMarvel Bar, the really fancy one, will be dressing up as a dive bar tonight for their Halloween party. It's that time of year again for Red Bull Crashed Ice kickoff at Cowboy Jack's in Bloomington on Thursday.

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