Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 10/4/16 - Bring Me The News

Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 10/4/16

Highlights from the morning show.

We are up early, like every day, and gave some hard hitting advice about what makes it a little easier to wake up. Getting out of bed so early in the morning is hard for all of us so we hoped that Ben, Dana and Giselle can make it a little bit easier. Happy National Taco day!

6:15 - Paisley Park is put on hold
News broke overnight that Paisley Park will be on hold for what was supposed-to-be the grand opening of the famed Prince Museum. We gave you the details surrounding other Prince controversies, and let you know when you might have the chance to check out Paisley Park.

6:30 - Halloween Planning
Well it is that time of year again, sexy Halloween costumes are out, and they're topping our list as offensive and downright wrong. We think that one top seller will definitely be the sexy Harambe costume. On the other hand, we think that timely costumes are fun and games, but the real deal is in the throwback costumes that make a comeback year after year.

6:50 - The Trend
In The Trend this morning, the Vikings came away with a huge win last night, Paisley Park Museum has been postponed, and one famous diner is making a stop in Minneapolis for an upcoming revival of a popular show. We filled you in this morning on what is going on around town and on your newsfeed.

7:15 - Kim
The recent Kardashian drama has people taking sides, wondering if she planted the robbery story or exactly what happened in Paris in the early hours of yesterday morning. Celebrities are taking a stand to stop the shaming, and Giselle still isn't buying the controversy.

7:30 - $1000 Minute
Kelli played a great round of $1000 Minute this morning and she was a boat load of fun! She got six questions right and find out what happened the rest of the time.

8:15 - R Taco
A big shout out this morning to R Taco for stopping by to celebrate National Taco Day with breakfast tacos. We stocked up on our favorite food and celebrated the right way. Stop in to their locations to support local nonprofit Secondhand Harvest all day.

8:30 - Facebook Marketplace
There is a new feature we learned about this morning that had some pretty interesting items for sale. And by pretty interesting, we also meant pretty illegal. Have you heard about the Facebook Marketplace, or have you used it to buy and sell? We don't recommend the drugs, weapons, or sex that is being sold online.

9:50 - Don't forget the Daily Rap Up with Chaz Kangas (@chazraps) who freestyles a secret word and recaps everything we talked about previously in the show.

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