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Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 10/6/16

Yep, we talked about the clowns.
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Good morning from Ben, Dana, and Giselle! Good news about the clown infestation, it came to an end yesterday as someone was arrested for clowning around.

We never ever let anyone take our phones, and we didn't start this morning either. We were scared about them hacking it, deleting much-needed phone numbers, and posting pictures. We did not tolerate it. If you need a phone, you're out of luck with this team.

Mall of America is setting a new trend by closing on Thanksgiving Day, giving employees time to spend with their family and giving true meaning to Black Friday.

6:50 The Trend
This morning, clowns are still invading the nation, Paisley Park opened this morning, and everything seems to be going so far so good, and last up, Mall of America will be closing on a big shopping day this year.

7:15 Officer Schmidt
Officer Schmidt was in-studio this morning. We chatted with him about the most recent clown epidemic that has swept the nation. We also asked him if it was okay to leave banana peels on the ground... because it's organic? We found out exactly what might happen to you.

7:30 $1,000 Minute
David played his first-ever $1,000 Minute and took home some money for the weekend. Play along every day!

8:15 Get to Know
Well, this question was too soon but we asked anyway. What would Prince do if he haunted Paisley Park? We had some interesting answers and hope that he doesn't spook any visitors in the upcoming opening tours.

8:30 Ben's dating issue
Ben has been having a small dating problem where no one he dates wants him to talk about their dating life. Their friends get involved and they think all their dirty laundry is being put out there, but Ben is just a regular guy doing the dating game.

Thirsty Thursday

We celebrated with our first-ever vodka in studio. Bet (Beet) vodka was in studio with their extra smooth extra sweet vodka and bloody marys. Check them out here.

Anna's Weekend Shenanigans 

Head out to the Stillwater Harvest Fest this weekend.

Check out the Twin Cities Marathon this weekend and all the events around the city here.


Don't forget the Daily Rap Up with Chaz Kangas (@chazraps) who freestyles a secret word and recaps everything we talked about previously in the show.

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