Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 11/01/16 - Bring Me The News

Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 11/01/16

Your Morning show crew mourns the Vikings' untimely demise

Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog! Giselle gave Dana his wedding present (which wasn't late because you have a year) and it was a vintage hot dog roller! We started up a Facebook live video where you can check out the dogs rollin' and buns toastin'. Check out our live video!

Give Up the Vikings Dream

All of our future holidays are ruined because the Vikings just collapsed under the pressure and tainted Halloween. What's even worse though is that they will be playing on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and News Year's Day, so goodbye to the Vikings season and hopes for any Super Bowl future.

Single for the Season

Intern Anna kicked off her drive to work with Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas is You" to get in the holiday mood but had a bit of a sad moment when she realized she would be single for the season, also the first time in four years. Why is it that it's so easy to go back to that ex that doesn't ever stay an ex for long? Is it the comfortability? The loneliness during the chilly winter nights, or is it being the only single one at family Christmas? Ben warned of the lonely feeling and tried to convince Anna to get a significant other quick, but Giselle just can't let the ex's come back!

The Trend

Vikings ruined Halloween and will just tarnish Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Day. Local band, Hippo Campus will be dropping their first LP, and have two performances at First Avenue. Last up, male birth control is giving men mood swings and cramps, because women have never dealt with any of those symptoms. We all concluded cramps > unplanned children.

Dana Takes Over Tinder 

Dana missed out on his Tinder days so he took over Intern Anna's. He started things off yesterday by going on a "suicide mission" by swiping right on everyone. From there, he decided that it would be a good idea to send some pretty hilarious messages to some innocent boys just looking for love. It included needing rides to Canada, kidneys, and a lot of Arby's.

$1000 Minute 

Josh did an awesome job and was literally so close to $1000 dollars, but one question knocked him off and he took home $96.30, because that number seems to fit us quite nice. You could be our next winner every day at 7:30am.

Get To Know 

Ben and our boss, Chris, had a bet on last night's demise of the Vikings. If Vikings won, Chris wears a Vikings jersey, but if Bears won, Ben was rocking the Bears jersey. Well, we all knew the end result of that one. We wanted to know, what was your worst bet? We heard from Will, who had to give up a very important naming rights to his dad.

Where In the World is Intern Anna?

We sent Intern Anna out into the world for TWO sets of tickets to The Naked and Famous show AND Snow Show! First clue, Anna is pumped about the Christmas season. Second clue was that she was chillin' with Ole Bull in Dandelion Gardens. It was Jenna who guessed right! Intern Anna was waiting for the Holidazzle to start in Loring Park. More Snow Show tickets all week long with Ben, Dana and Giselle in the morning, Miles the DJ in the afternoon and Jordan at night. Listen in every day!

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