Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 11/2/16 - Bring Me The News

Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 11/2/16

The Morning Show team talk about Game 7 and dude-fashion crimes.

Good morning! Cubs and Indians are going to Game 7 in the World Series and Charlie Sheen threw shade at a team that he was supporting just a couple of days ago.

Adulting on the Road

When does booking an Airbnb or hotel – versus staying on your friend's couch – become the "adult" thing to do? Ben suggested it's maybe when a S.O. becomes involved, or maybe it's when your friend has gotten a little too drunk too many times. Dana and Giselle took different sides. G would be totally cool with an open door policy; Dana, on the other hand, is living the married life and not really looking for unwanted roomies. We're Minnesotans though, so how are we suppose to say no?

The Question Game

Toria played The Question Game and went head-to-head with Dana. Today's game started with the category "favorite bands" but it didn't last too long. We'll see Toria at Snow Show and you could be the next winner!


Movember is mustache month and No Shave November means it's time to get the manly beard on. Ben is rocking what he thinks is considered a beard. Dana will be donating, but only G will be growing out her mustache.

The Trend

Game 7 of the World Series is tonight, and the Cubs and Cleveland are playing for all the marbles, until the fat lady sings, and only one will be taking the W home. Chicago should just cancel work, win or lose. More Starbucks holiday cup controversy has surfaced, because why in the world would you make a Starbucks cup green? The war on Christmas is back people. In happier holiday/ Christmas (we'll let you pick so we don't offend anyone) news, the Holidazzle is back in Loring Park with ice skating, fireworks, and it's free. Countdown to the Holidazzle: 23 Days. And in the most important news, Arby's in St. Louis Park will be opening 10am on Friday with their new venison sandwich, which sold out in one day in Tennessee, so get to it quick!

Dude Fashion Don'ts

What is the number one red flag for men's apparel? Cargo pants, the pockets are full of secrets! Fedoras mean that a man is arrogant. Fur coats (other than Pit Bull) aren't okay either. Shoe lifts and shark tooth necklaces are also a no go. Ben, Dana, and our beloved Milan were all guilty of other pieces that topped the list.

$1000 Minute

Carly played $1000 Minute but could not find Dana's statue on campus. Just kidding! She was a great sport and you could be too, every day at 7:30am.

Get To Know

Everyone has that one piece of clothing in their closet that they just can't manage to get rid of. Maybe you're like Ben, with clothes that don't fit anymore but you paid a lot for, or you had a lucky jersey like Dana, which he has never washed even though it smells like a combination of death and Febreeze. You might be more like Giselle, who can't get rid of her Quinceañera gown for obvious reasons.

Good Deeds Gone Wrong

Ben received an email last night from his neighbor, giving him a heads up that his garage door stayed open all night long. We found out though from Dana that good deeds don't always lead to good things.

Rap Up

Don't forget the Daily Rap Up with Chaz Kangas (@chazraps) who freestyles a secret word and recaps everything we talked about previously in the show.

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