Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 11/22/16

The Morning show team shares tips for Black Friday and meeting the parents.

We're so close to our weekend we can taste it! Well, not literally, but we will on Thanksgiving. Giselle woke up this morning with a very interesting dream that we weren't really sure why she shared with us, but it made for great entertainment (at her, not with her). She's had a recurring dream that she is on a pleasant date with Miles the DJ, yes, our co-worker. Dana is having teeth dreams so we went to Intern Anna to ask just what it meant. Go: Love.

6:15 Kanye West Hospitalized

Kanye West has been held in a psychiatric hold in California. Following the cancelation of the rest of his concert "Saint Pablo Tour" West might be ploying this all up to create controversy or just avoiding a lawsuit. Giselle and Intern Anna agree though he is brilliant in his own way and his music and concerts is a form of art and poetry in kind of a mad scientist sort of way. Regardless, if he is sick, we hope that he gets help but if this is all just some attention-grabbing Kardashian fiasco then well, it will all eventually play out.

6:30 Friendsgiving Sucks Right?

Dana is anti-friendsgiving and he might be on to something here. Ben, Giselle and Intern Anna want him to smoke a turkey but we probably shouldn't hold out hope for him. Friendsgiving is just a name for friends eating together, whether that means cooking a turkey and mashed potatoes or ordering pizza. No, Jimmy John's isn't going to replay the smoked turkey tomorrow Dana. We listened to your friend traditions, and whether you wanted to celebrate friendgiving or just eat with friends like a normal human being.

6:50 The Trend 

Kanye West was hospitalized late last night for his own safety. Dave Chappelle isn't stopping his comedy run, he will be doing three Netflix specials that have stayed pretty under wraps. Finally, the sound guy that got run over by the Vikings player is getting some love from the players and local companies.

7:15 Meeting Parents for the First Time

We talked to our friend, Laurel, who is meeting the parents for the first time at her boyfriend's family's Thanksgiving. Here's the real deal: his family lives in the Iron Range and doesn't exactly have the same values. Our advice? Stop at Fleet Farm on the way up there. Real talk though, she needed our help, and we said to always bring a gift, even if they say, "Don't bring anything except yourself." Some more advice for her? Always offer to clean up, get everyone else drunk, and ask questions because people love talking about themselves. If you ever need a little relationship advice, you can always email us

7:30 $1000 Minute

Eric played his own game of $1000 Minute taking home $70. You could too, we play everyday at 7:30am.

8:15 Get To Know

Celebrities have awesome spreads on any holiday (or really any meal), so we wanted to know just what celebrity family you would most want to carve turkey with. Topping our list is the Kardashians, even if most of you don't want to admit it, and who doesn't want Chrissy Teigen to cook for you?

8:30 Black Friday Secrets

We're cracking the secrets of Black Friday and fun fact, door busters just get people in the door and there usually isn't too much in stock of that item (SHOCKER!). They inflate the perceived savings because no television actually costs that much. Our biggest advice though? Stay home and wait for Cyber Monday, because that way you won't buy your 20th copy of Pitch Perfect 2 just because its $5.00.

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