Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 11/9/16 - Bring Me The News

Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 11/9/16

B, D & G react to the election results, and try to bring a little happiness to your morning.

The world is ending as we know it, people are shocked, and Clinton wouldn't come out of her hotel room. Clinton thought this election was hers, but America chose differently. Trump needed things to go his way, and they did, and then some. Since you'll need some warm and fuzzies, think about this: November is breaking records as the hottest on record, so we don't have to scrape our cars just yet.

6:15 Election results...In case you didn't hear

Last night's election started, ended, and left us in disbelief. People showed up to vote and last night history was made with President Elect Donald Trump. President Obama has invited Trump to the White House, and the nation's colors are now (un)officially Red, White and Orange.

6:30 Extreme Bachelorette Party

Intern Anna has a bit of a problem. The first of her friends is getting married and they are going to Cancun for a blowout of a bachelorette bash. Shelling out the cash is a little bit of the problem, FOMO could also be real if she missed out, but the real concern comes from a bachelorette party that last five days in Mexico. We heard from listeners and B, D and G on just what she should do.

6:50 The Trend

The Trend was a little different today as there was really one major story that had swept the internet. We welcomed Declan from Go MN to help break down the events of the last twelve hours.

7:15 Warm and Fuzzies

We just wanted to hear some happy things, like when Ben pays for the car behind him in the drive thru. We also love hearing about the "Token Fairy," Dana's new alter-ego that appears around midnight at the arcade (tutu not included). We surprised Casey, a high school teacher who helped her student understand science a little better, with Snow Show 2016 tickets.

7:30 $1000 Minute

Carol might not have known the capital of Texas, but she still took home $50. Play along to $1000 Minute every day at 7:30am.

8:00 Get To Know

On Get To Know this morning, because the world is ending, we asked "What would be on your bucket list if you had just 24 hours left." Ben is headed strait for Taco Johns, Dana is taking every cool car ever (Weinermobile and Jurassic Park Jeep included) on a cross-country road trip, and G wants to learn to drive stick shift. We heard from you what is on your bucket list.

8:30 Hard Truths of Turning 25

It might not be 25 that's tough, but everyone agreed that by the time 28 years old rolls around, you have to start tapping out a little earlier. The extra pounds take a toll, recharging is no longer a 20 minute nap and Netflix, and MTV just isn't as enjoyable. The worst part about it though? Opening Facebook isn't about seeing who got drunk last night, now it's who is pregnant (on purpose).

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