Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 1/19/17

The Morning Show crew get challenged by a cop, and welcome Steel Toe Brewing to the studio for Thirsty Thursday!

6:00 It's Thursday!

Happy National Popcorn Day! There are different varieties like healthy popcorn, local popcorn, or over-the-stove buttery popcorn, but all that matters is that it brings the world together. That got pretty cheesy pretty fast (Get it? Cheesy popcorn!) Officer Schmidt is stopping by today with a surprise challenge too, what could it be?

6:15 Cattle Calls or Cheap Flights?

American Airlines has something new to offer to everyone out there searching for the best deal around, and it's no shame, no gain if you want cheap flights. Here's the deal: no flight changes, no over head compartment use, and you have to get on last.

6:30 G's back and happy as ever!

Giselle woke up happy and chipper this morning for the first time since her break up with her ex. She feels like she's moved on a little quicker than usual and it hasn't been as messy of a break as some others she's dealt with in the past. Don't beat yourself up, treat your body well (don't eat the entire ice cream gallon) and it's ok to cry. All good vibes! Yay, G!

6:50 The Trend

Mall of America will be opening a new high-end movie theater to replace the old movie theater. Harambe's grandma is dead, as if we needed more dead gorillas in this country. Driving ranges are opening all over the city with all this warm January thaw.

7:15 Ask a Cop

Ben, Dana, Giselle and Intern Anna were challenged by Officer Cory Schmidt to participate in the Polar Plunge, and guess what? Everyone's doing it! If you want to join our team or donate to the cause, click here for the team page. Just like every week though, we have some cop questions for Officer Schmidt....except this week they're about body cavity searches! What about when you're just minding your business on the freeway when a cop or ambulance comes up from behind you, do you stop and move over or just stay smooth with traffic?

7:30 $1000 Minute

She said balls and B, D and G gave her some extra cash. Congrats to Katie who played $1000 Minute this morning, play along every day at 7:30am.

8:15 Get To Know

What three words are better than "I love you?" Well, there's a lot like.... "Tacos are here." Ben's pick was "Free concert tickets," and Dana would be happy to hear "Wings are free." There's a lot of those three word phrases that we all would just love to here. Top picks: "I ordered pizza" and "free open bar" heck yeah.

8:30 Wisconsin or Florida

There's a new game on the morning show that's called Florida or Wisconsin. How it works? Someone reads a headline that is so outrageous there is only two states it could happen in, Florida or Wisconsin. Here's one for you, "Naked Man Wearing Nothing but Pants on his Arms Breaks into Home." Do you know which state it might be?

9:30 Thirsty Thursday

Thank you Michael and Chelsea from Steel Toe Brewing for stopping by the studio this morning to celebrate Thirsty Thursday. They brought in their Size 11 Triple IPA (there's a lot of alcohol going on there, no one complained though) and some barley wine for B, D and G. They have food trucks and available in most liquor stores around town. Head over to Saint Louis Park to check them out.

9:50 Weekend Shenanigans

Did someone say Mighty Ducks? That's right, watch The Mighty Ducks in Loring Park this weekend for free then hang out to skate.

It's adult night at the Minnesota Zoo and there's cocktails!

NorthGate Brewing is kicking off their first annual Taco Cook-Off on Sunday.

Next Up

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He's accused of making false statements during the purchase of a firearm.

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BCA releases investigative file in Winston Smith's shooting death

The file contains 1,000 pages of documents, hundreds of photos and dozens of audio files.


Fire at Mpls. pizza joint weeks after opening, owners suspect arson

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The stated goal is to protect the "unique natural wonder" of the BWCAW.

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