Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 12/1/16

Your Morning Show crew talk about Mike Zimmer's eye, and what to do with those old presents from your ex.
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6:00 Good Morning!

Where's Intern Anna? No really, where was she this morning? Well, she overslept, but don't worry she made it in and donuts were still in our future. We had a busy Thursday, kicking off the weekend early with $1000 Minute, donut duels, and Thirsty Thursday.

6:15 The Vikings Are Cursed 

Vikings are set to play the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Night Football but they are missing a pretty key person: their head coach. In typical Vikings fashion, Mike Zimmer went into emergency surgery for a torn retina (don't google images of that, it ain't pretty). He has been having eye problems recently and this is his third procedure on his right eye. We heard they had a contingency plan in place, but we'll see come tomorrow morning.

6:30 The True Meaning of Your Favorite Band Names

Go Artist Catfish and the Bottlemen have a pretty interesting story behind their name. It comes from the lead singer's trip to Australia where he watched a street performer nicknamed simply, "Catfish the Bottleman." Daft Punk's music was described as "daft punk thrash," and the new name was born. Another Go artist and Snow Show headliner, Bastille got their name not from Dan Bastille (psst his last name is Smith, we like to just call him that), but because Smith is born on Bastille Day. Ben, Dana and Giselle filled you in as to why Foo Fighters, Weezer, and Foster the People are all named.

6:50 The Trend 

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer went into emergency eye surgery for a torn retina, and it doesn't look like he'll be making his way to the game on Thursday night. Glam Doll Donuts will be debuting a mac and cheese donut at their new location in the Northeast neighborhood. Taylor Swift (why we're talking about her again, I don't know) was named the highest paid musician of 2016, raking in $170 million dollars last year for drinking Coca-Cola, wearing Keds, and going on tour.

7:15 What To Do with Your Ex's Presents?

Ben wants to know what you all do with those presents from ex's that we either hate to love, or can't wait to throw in the garbage. Giselle is all about throwing away (or pawning) every piece of jewelry because no body has time for that bad energy. Dana kept around a DuckTales vintage Scrooge McDuck from his ex, but finally said it might be time for the storage room. Scrooge McDuck is a total badass though, agree?

7:30 $1000 Minute 

Jessi played $1000 Minute this morning and for 60 seconds, she took home $60. That's a pretty good start to her morning. Call in at 7:30am for your chance to win.

8:15 Get to Know 

Mike Zimmer is officially out of Thursday night's game against the Dallas Cowboys, so we wanted to know who you thought should be the head coach tonight. Do you agree with Ben when he wants to put Snuffaluffagus in the game? If he isn't available, Alf might be. Adam Sandler made a great water boy, he would be a good coach too, right? Above all though, throw in Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins.

8:30 The Ultimate Donut Duel 

Canadian's Tim Horton's just opened their second Minnesota location at the University of Minnesota right next to local Sssdude-nutz. In morning show fashion, we had a breakfast battle of the donuts. Taking the top spot? We did devour Tim Bits, the Tim Horton's donut just didn't live up to the name. Check them out for yourself and let us know!

9:30 Thirsty Thursday 

Thank you to Constantine Minneapolis for stopping by this morning getting a little tipsy and filling up on some pretty amazing burgers from Chef Mike. Seriously, try out their classic martini or Old Fashioned for some winter time warm and fuzzies.

9:50 Weekend Shenanigans

Head over to Zipps Liquor for a Big Bubbles tasting.

The Union Depot will be having a movie night showing Elf to kick off the holiday spirit.

Newly remodeled, The Walker will be hosting an open house on Sunday equip with cocktails.

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