Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 1/26/17

A debate about crackers is tearing the morning show crew apart!

6:00 Can you guess which member of Ben, Dana and Giselle is turning into RoboCop? 

Happy Thursday, you know what that means? It's almost Friday, and everyone knows Friday is the favorite child. Last night, Ben hit up Shamrocks for his favorite Juicy Lucy in town, but is worried about going to prison for not filling out the census survey. Dana was a victim of cyber bullying, yes, awful right? He received an email that stated he had only gone to the gym once in December. Plus one of the hosts is getting prepped for their robo-hand.

6:15 McDonald's Fun Facts

How many hamburgers are sold per second at McDonalds? 100? 15? The answer might surprise you! Did you know that there are four distinct shapes to chicken nuggets?

6:30 Thursday are for the boys...or not.

What is the week night for a first date? Mondays are out because people are still hungover from the weekend and it's Monday, what message do you think that is going to send? Fridays are too cherished and Saturdays are for "active" and "outdoors" activity dates. Here's a tip: all your is saying to that is "no."

6:50 The Trend

Tostitos chips are trying really hard to save people from driving drunk during the Super Bowl with bags that will tell you if you are too drunk to drive when you blow on them. They'll even give you a handy Uber coupon! Mary Tyler Moore was a trailblazer for women and hits close to home for Minnesotans. Minnesota topping another list and not for the right reasons: Minnesota has four of the worst bottlenecks in the nation. Great.

7:15 Ask A Cop

What would Anna get charged with if she was stalking someone? She would have to be sending hate mail and creepy pizzas at 3 a.m. Unfortunately for B, D, G and especially Intern Anna, Officer Schmidt doesn't have a "get out of jail free" card.

7:30 $1000 Minute

Joseph played a round of $1000 Minute and milking nipples got brought up. It gets weird sometimes? Play along every day at 7:30am.

8:15 Get To Know 

Heinz is trying really hard to make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday with a petition, so let's Get To Know what other holidays everyone would like to have off. Maybe March 4th, the day chicken wings were invented? The Twins baseball opener is another favorite for Minnesotans, because that means summer is almost here. What other days should we get for that extra hangover help?

8:30 The Great Cracker Debate

Just like the great fry debate of 2016, there are favorite crackers. Ben is going for animal crackers, because who doesn't love the lion and tiger shapes? Intern Anna's pick is classic Club crackers, while Dana is digging on the current Triscut revolution. Giselle used to be a Wheat Thins person but now on that Nut Thins lifestyle. Things got heated, everyone's got a favorite, and now who's hungry?

9:30 Thirsty Thursday: Fair State

Welcome Fair State Brewing, the third co-op owned brewery in the nation, right in Minnesotan's backyards. Their specialty? Sours beers with lots of good flavors. They will be dropping three new bottles on Saturday, January 28, so go get down on some Raspberry Roselle.

9:50 Weekend Shenanigans 

Ben, Dana, Giselle and even Intern Anna are going to be hanging out from 9am-1pm on Saturday, January 28 at Twins Fest 2017. There's a beer garden this year, *mic drop*.

The Saint Paul Winter Carnival kicks off on Thursday with chainsaws and harvested ice. The festival runs until February 3rd.

Unlimited pizza and beer, the rumors are true. HammerHeart Brewing and Pig Ate My Pizza are having a pizza party this weekend.

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