Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 1/30/17

B, D & G share stories from TwinsFest 2017 and talk about their favorite washed-up celebrities.

6:00 What did you do yesterday?

How was the weekend? Ben, Dana and Giselle hung out at TwinsFest on Saturday morning, getting their Grandslammer-schlaugen on against some of your favorite Twins players. Ben needs some mice-busters to get rid of a problem or he's going to have to move. Giselle went on some not-date dates that ended in some kisses. Also, Dana saw a Bruce Springsteen cover band that was almost as good as the real thing.

6:15 Not-Date Dates

Can anyone say rebound? Giselle headed out on two not-date dates this weekend. What's a "not-date," you ask? It's a date, G is just concerned she might have moved on from her last relationship too fast. Only she can answer that, and she makes her own rules. So who did she go on a date with? 50 Cent of course. Nah, just kidding!

6:30 The Trend 

After the recent ban signed by President Trump, Uber joined the controversy in the New York by halting their surge pricing to counteract the taxi disputes. #DeleteUber was trending and Lyft had a major weekend. Botox is a growing trend for the youth ages 18-34 because everyone needs a little preventative face filler. Finally, the Twins might be adding another fan favorite back on the roster.

6:50 You want to be a millionaire? 

B, D and G found a pretty solid list of everything you need to do to put a couple more zero's in your bank account. First thing is to say "no" more often so that you have time to do things like sleep and call friends. Always be standing next to the smartest people in the room. Experts also say that you should write down ten ideas every day... there's where it got tough because that's a lot going on.

7:15 Failed Fashion Trends

Everyone has some really bad and really sad fashion trends that they've participated in, and we're all trying to hide those pictures on Facebook. Cargo pants were a thing because you needed 20 pockets to hold everything like your digital camera, iPod, and flip phone. Fake hair pony tails and colored clip ins were a fan favorite all round. The worst though? Crocs.

7:50 $1000 Minute

Leighanne was so close but she just could not wrap it up on $1000 Minute. Play everyday with Ben, Dana and Giselle.

8:15 Get To Know 

Giselle and Intern Anna partied with 50 Cent over the weekend, which would have been pretty cool in 2008, but now it was just another washed up celebrity party. Ben would have loved to meet Hilary Duff, because Lizzy McGuire was a fan favorite all around. Dana would have died to meet Eminem, and was a big fan of Shakira. The Backstreet Boys and Jesse McCarthy are both on Giselle's list. What other washed up celebrities do you want to meet at a liquor store or at some club at 1am?

8:50 17 Things to Hide from Your S.O. 

What are the secrets you hide from someone that you just started dating? A lot of folks are ashamed of past relationships an smoking habits. Maybe it's a joint bank account, or living with your parents. What other things are people hiding from their S.O., and why are people so damn sketchy?

9:30 Free and Fun with Intern Banana 

On Tuesday, Tattersall Distilling is popping up at Psycho Suzi's with their very own Tiki Bar.

On Wednesday, Uptown Tavern is hosting Big Lebowski Trivia Night.

Also on Wednesday, Heyday has a new happy hour and cocktail launch. Yes, new happy hour.

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