Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 1/4/17

The gym, stuff we should toss, and vinyl.

6:00 - Public bathrooms stink, literally 

Ben has a bit of an issue with public restrooms, although who doesn't? People are nasty. It is a toss up between mouth breathing and holding your breath for as long as possible. Or instead of risking your appetite, just find a secret bathroom like Dana.

6:15 - All the cool kids are doing it
Vinyl is making its way back into the hipster homes of America and along with it people are playing our very hungry friends, Twenty One Pilots, on vinyl. They received the top spot in vinyl sales and we're not complaining.

6:30 - 9 things we "should" toss, but won't 
Star Tribune apparently made this list of things to toss before age 30. Well, Ben and Dana weren't so keen to toss things like spare futons and hand-me-down furniture (unless the Star Trib is buying). Posters are out too.

6:50 - The Trend 
The University of Minnesota fired Coach Tracy Claeys after recent commentary and team accusations of sexual assault broke the headlines. US Bank Stadium released details regarding the protests over the weekend. The Coachella lineup was announced with Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar headlining.

7:15 - Where in the world is Intern Anna?
First off, Ben and Dana didn't really think this one through. It's 35 degrees colder than yesterday outside so sending Intern Anna out to the world was really frigid. Amethyst is seeing the Lumineers after guessing right, Intern Anna was at one of the most Instagrammed place in the cities, the giant glove at Target Field.

7:30 - $1,000 Minute 
Donald played $1,000 Minute this morning and knew almost everything except a headliner at Coachella. Play with Ben, Dana and Giselle everyday at 7:30 a.m.

8:15 - Get to Know 
Ben found this pretty hilarious story about a guy who passed out onstage at a death metal concert and stayed passed out for 22 minutes. So we wanted to know, what kind of embarrassing concert moments do you have?

8:30 - Ugh, working out and being healthy, ugh
Stop the madness, because all this gym hoopla will be done in about a month. Then around April it will pick up again for that time of year that the swimsuits start coming out.

Next Up

wikimedia commons - the beach boys 2019 - joergens.mi

Beach Boys bringing 2021 holiday tour to Minnesota

The iconic band's "Holiday Harmonies" tour stops at Treasure Island just before the new year.

pixabay - us supreme court

MN, WI attorney generals push SCOTUS to block to Texas abortion law

They say the law is in "direct contravention of nearly a half century of binding precedent."

Piper Cherokee

UND student killed in plane crash near Minnesota border

The crash happened Monday night just west of the Minnesota border.

fake airpods

Border officials seize hundreds of fake AirPods at International Falls

The AirPods were in a rail container headed for Ranier.

Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen

With Patrick Peterson injured, Vikings need to unleash the offense

Peterson's absence could have a bigger effect on the opposite side of the ball.

Cam Wiley

Gophers running back Cam Wiley announces plan to transfer

Wiley found himself buried on the depth chart.

sun country

Sun Country adds 7 new routes from MSP Airport this spring

It's also resuming four routes from the Twin Cities.

Walz, Flanagan

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz launches re-election campaign

Their campaign slogan: "One Minnesota. Moving Forward."


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