Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 2/8/17

The Morning Show crew gets deep this morning to discuss the nature of love ahead of Valentines Day.

6:00 Making the Plunge

This isn't the hunger games, but Ben, Dana, Giselle and Intern Anna will be making the plunge on Thursday, and all for a good cause. It's not even in a lake, there will be a pool set up in downtown Minneapolis and everyone will be cold for maybe 16 seconds.

6:15 It's Someone's Birthday

Everyone has a birthday and everyone likes free stuff, so of course Ben, Dana and Giselle found a list for you that gets you all things free on your special day of birth. Mexican Village (RIP Mankato location), Papa Murphy's and Red Cow are all sporting some extra love on your birthday. How many could you take advantage of in one day?

6:30 The Trend

Sean Spicer was already having a tough week when his Venmo account was made public and a lot of people went on to request money. Saturday Night Live is hitting an all time high with all this political drama, and is considering a week night "Weekend Update" segment to air on Thursdays. Please Saturday Night Live, we need you. There's a new escape room coming to Mall of America, so if you want to really see how close you and your co-workers can get, this is for you.

6:50 Is your life cringe-worthy?

Giselle found a pretty embarrassing list to remind us that we're all in this together. How often do you forget people's names? Ben can't even remember the players names from $1000 Minute every morning, and Dana uses his wife as his best defense. Ever send a screen shot to the person who's conversation you were screenshotting? Ugh. Tripping over yourself might have been a good pick up line, but it was probably just down right embarrassing. Swinging and missing on high five and telling really awful jokes to your boss are also pretty OMG WTF moments.

7:15 Therapy Hour with B, D and G

Things are getting deep on the morning show with Valentines right around the corner. Really, what does it mean to be in love versus just love? Are you only actually in love when you make it official, like when Dana #WifedUp Heather, or can you fall in love a lot, like Ben does multiple times a day? Some people are just throwing around the "L" word and some people only save it for the one, so seriously, how do we know what this ~love~ thing is?

7:50 $1000 Minute

Peter was super pumped to play $1000 Minute this morning, guess who won money??? Peter did, because anyone can play every day at 7:45am.

8:15 Get To Know

Ed Sheeran is considering an butt tat to honor Elton John. We couldn't really say why he wanted it on his cheek on air, but let's just say that Elton John wants Sheer-an to......on him. Intern Anna has one because well, why not? So if you wanted to get an ass tat of your favorite celebrity who would it be?

8:50 Sweet Sweet Revenge

Maybe your evil boss recently banned microwave popcorn and then you plug in some popcorn smelling oils into her office? Use Craigslist to your advantage and put that revenge to work. Want to find out who is stealing your food in the company lounge? Make a ghost pepper and habanero sauce sandwich. You'll know in just a couple of minutes.

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