Ben, Dana and Giselle's replay: 3/8/17

B, D and G discuss Minnesota's faults and debate whether or not a few Disney characters are hot.

6:00 Celebrate Women!

Happy International Women's Day, go out there and celebrate all the women who make your life possible. Seriously, what would B, D and G be like without Giselle and Intern Anna?

6:15 Is Simba hot?

Giselle thinks Simba (yes, THAT Simba) is hot (yes, we know beastiality is illegal in the great United States). Also, Tramp from Lady and the Tramp, he's all about his dreamy personality too. Ben and Dana can't seem to find anyone who can agree that Tramp, Simba, and Chip are all attractive Disney characters.

6:30 The Trend

Wednesday is International Women's Day and there are peaceful protests and general strikes going on all over the world to imagine what life would be like without women. Everyone's favorite unexplainably juicy Starbursts are coming out with a limited edition bag of just the pink flavor. Game changer? Yes. A Rhino in France was Harambe-d but even worse. Horrible people broke in and killed the beloved rhino in order to sell its tusks on the black market.

6:50 What does Minnesota suck at?

Minnesotans pride themselves on making it to the top of all sorts of "best state" lists. A "best" Minnesota just received is "best airport bathrooms." Yes, that is an award that a state can win, apparently. So we were wondering: If Minnesota is topping every list, what are some things the state sucks at? Confrontation, inclusion, and never hosting a Wrestlemania are all things that Minnesota just can't seem together.

7:15 Can you hang? 

That's right, B, D and G are hooking you up everyday with suite passes and meet and greet with Panic! at the Disco! SAY WHAT? Stephanie can hang, she'll be hanging Sunday.

7:50 $1000 Minute 

Jake may have only gotten four questions right, but that's still $40 in his pocket. Play along everyday at 7:50am.

8:15 Get To Know

Everyone was in elementary school at one time, and almost everyone has their favorite hot lunch meal. Everyone can agree on chicken patties, pizza day, and who could beat Italian dunkers? Ben hoarded the grape juice cartons with the peel back tops and chicken patties. Dana may have overdone it on the chocolate milk as a kid. Popcorn chicken, giant chocolate chip cookies, and nacho day are all topping B, D and G's list.

8:50 Do we really need this? 

Starbucks has begun serving their coffee in hipster-friendly mason jars, and that begs the question: "Do we really need that?" Intern Anna seems to be the only one who would love to see the jars "for the gram," but everyone else isn't agreeing. All pink Starburst bags? But what about the other colors? Isn't the thrill of Starburst in the mystery? Poo perches, wine coffee, and whiskey infused coffee (no alcohol included) all have us questioning our needs.

9:10 Panic! 5-4-3-2-1 

Go is always here to help you see your favorite artists and that doesn't change. Shanna is sitting comfy in 3rd row this Sunday at Panic! at the Disco.

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