Ben & Jerry's is giving away free ice cream Tuesday

It's back: Free ice cream cone from Ben & Jerry's.

The temperature in the Twin Cities is set to hit 60 on Tuesday and the sun will be out – so what better way to celebrate than free ice cream?

Ben & Jerry's is giving away a free ice cream cone between noon and 8 p.m. Tuesday at all its stores around the world, the latest year of its annual promotion.

That said, most Minnesotans won't be able to grab themselves a $0 cone given that Ben & Jerry's only has two stores in the state: in south Minneapolis and Wayzata.

If you're planning on taking them up on the offer then prepare to get in line, as it's first-come, first-soft-served (sorry).

But once you're done with your first cone, you can get back in line for another.

"We're not counting. Really, go for it," Ben & Jerry's says on its website.

Ben & Jerry's has been running its Free Cone Day since 1979, a year after the company was launched, and according to Time it's expected to hand out more than a million free scoops on Tuesday.

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