Bernie delegate from MN dubbed 'sad Robin Hood' calls for party unity

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The sight of Bernie Sanders supporters in tears during his speech at the DNC Convention on Monday set the internet abuzz – and attracting much of the attention was a Minnesotan.

Sanders delegate Sean Kehren, 22, became the subject of numerous comments after he was caught by the cameras in an emotional moment during the speech.

His distinctive headwear earned him the monickers of "crying Peter Pan" and "sad Robin Hood" among the more merciless of online jokesters.

But Kehren spoke with Yahoo News and explained that his tears weren't being shed for Sanders' support of Hillary Clinton – which has proved controversial among his supporters – but for his efforts to promote party unity.

"I was getting emotional over the fact that he was doing his best to unify the party and I think that’s such a noble cause," he told Yahoo. "Bernie has led a revolution, he’s led a movement, and now that movement has to get behind the party."

He shunned comments that he was a privileged "Bernie Bro" who dislikes the Democrat presidential candidate, telling Yahoo he was raised by a "struggling single mom" and is voting for Clinton as she's "done her best to make deals with Bernie .. and I have to give her credit for that."

Kehren is no stranger to headlines. In May, the recent graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College pulled a 67-year-old woman from a burning car on I-35 north of Hinckley, as reported by the Star Tribune.

This happened the night after he'd been selected as a national delegate for Sanders at the 8th Congressional District Convention in Duluth.

After the initial mocking on Twitter, his comments on Tuesday have inspired people to rally behind him:

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