Bernie Sanders speaks at Mpls. Black America Community Forum


Bernie Sanders spent Friday afternoon (before a DFL fundraiser dinner) at Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis, speaking to community members for a Black America Community Forum, hosted by the group Minnesota Neighborhoods Organizing for Change.

The Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate spoke, and then participated in the Q&A forum that touched on low-wage workers, ways to address racial inequities, criminal justice reform, voting rights for convicted felons who have been released, and more.

TheUptake has a replay of the event.

The Star Tribune previously reported that Hillary Clinton was invited, but couldn't attend because of scheduling conflicts.

The event used the hashtag #BlackForumMN on Twitter – which became a trending topic nationally, not just in the Twin Cities.

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison – who has endorsed Sanders – was also part of the forum.

Political wonks who dig into numbers say for Sanders to win the party's nomination, he'll likely have to convince many African American voters to come to his side. The Washington Post wrote about this last month, saying his home state of Vermont is 95 percent white, and he tends to do best with liberal white voters – while Clinton has a long history with, and is generally popular among, black voters.

Politico actually described the crowd at Friday's forum as warm at the start, but noted it "grew increasingly frustrated ... complaining that he’s too scared to talk about specifically black issues."

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