Bernie Sanders will be back in Minnesota Friday for rally on Iron Range


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is making another campaign trip to Minnesota.

A Friday morning rally at Hibbing High School will mark Sanders' third visit to the state since late January. A Sanders campaign web page inviting supporters to the event says the Senator from Vermont will discuss a range of issues (pun intended?) including "making college affordable, getting big money out of politics, and combating climate change. "

Minnesota is one of 11 states where voters will choose between the Democratic presidential candidates on "Super" Tuesday. There's a consensus among pundits that Hillary Clinton will win in a majority of those states. But Sanders told Meet the Press last weekend that he has "a good shot" at winning in Minnesota – as well as Massachusetts, Colorado, and his home state of Vermont.

Sanders recently said it was the enthusiastic reception he received in Minnesota last spring that made him realize his presidential chances were realistic.

Sanders spoke to crowds in Duluth and St. Paul during his January trip. He was back less than two weeks ago to attend a DFL fundraising event where Clinton was also among the speakers.


For Sanders, who considers himself a Democratic Socialist, Minnesota's Iron Range might be fertile ground.

Early 20th Century immigrants on the Range were active in radical politics, including socialism. The area has been a reliable source of DFL votes in recent decades. But the Star Tribune observed during the party's state convention a couple of years ago how much recent mining proposals have divided the Iron Range from the DFL's conservationist wing.

Hibbing High School, where the doors will open at 7:30 a.m. for Sanders' Friday event, was built during the Range's heyday of the 1920s for $4 million – a princely sum at the time, WCCO notes – and is said to be the only high school on the National Register of Historic Places.

The site Iron Range Tourism says the building is nicknamed "the Castle in the Wilderness." Hibbing's Class of '61 has a web page with vintage photos of the building's interior.

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