Bernie Sanders is coming to North Dakota this week for a rally


Bernie Sanders will swing through North Dakota later this week.

Like all his "Future to Believe In" rallies, the Friday event is free and open to the public, but they suggest you RSVP (which you can do here). It's first come, first served. It'll be at the Ramada Fargo Convention Center. Doors open at 11 a.m.

North Dakota's presidential caucus on the Democratic side is scheduled for June 7.

On the Republican side, things aren't as clear – party insiders decide how to allocate some delegates, rather than voters actually casting a preference ballot, CBS News explains. The delegates are totally unbound, meaning they can vote for whichever candidate they want, and change their mind any time before the convention.

What's going on with Bernie right now?

Sanders is coming off of a primary win in West Virginia, 51.4 percent to Hillary Clinton's 36 percent, the New York Times says.

That means he picks up 15 delegates, while Clinton gets 11.

On the Democratic side, a candidate needs 2,382 delegates to win the party's presidential nomination.

With superdelegates (who can vote for any candidate they want, and historically put their support behind the frontrunner), Clinton has 2,239 delegates to Sanders' 1,469, Real Clear Politics says. Even without superdelegates, she leads 1,716-1,430 – and is also more than 3 million votes ahead when looking at the popular vote.

Even with a string of recent victories in primaries and caucuses, Sanders is incredibly unlikely to wrestle the nomination away from Clinton.

FiveThirtyEight explains how nobody has ever come back from such a deficit on the Democratic side, while CBS News notes Clinton only needs to win 17 percent of the remaining delegates to clinch.

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